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Prominent Ghanaian Comedic Superstar Ebaby Kobby is new to the comedy industry but his creativity and relatable character
is gaining traction propelling him to comedy’s top stage in the United States. Speaking on Pulse TV, the Internet sensation disclosed that, the inventiveness of his top trending vignettes are inspired by the multiple award-winning actor, Liwin.”I started comedy over three (3) years ago with a social media app called Kik. I use to sit back and watch videos but Liwin (Ghanaian comic actor) inspired me because I liked the way he acts. I incorporated that with the funny parts of my parent’s lifestyle”. “So, I started doing videos (skits) based on that and that’s how it all started,” Ebaby Kobby revealed in an interview with Pulse TV. The future is bright for this young comedian. So stay tuned because this is merely just the beginning.