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Muyideen Adigun who is known to his fans as “Hilarryous” is a comedian of Nigerian decent. Growing up in the States in an African household he was known to be the jokester. Being a jokester sometimes gets you in and out of trouble lol hence why he didn’t venture into the comedy space until a couple of years ago. Motivated by a few friends who always enjoy his company and how he makes them laugh. Hilarryous started to produce comedic skits for the public and ever since then he has been featured on various notable platforms such as Worldstar hip-hop, baller alert etc.

Hilarryous is a versatile and hardworking artist who is appreciative and humbled by his current level off success but is definitely eager to achieve more and gain worldwide notoriety. With you support as a fan, being an actor is a dream that is achievable.