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Born a week before Christmas in Western Nigeria, Chibuike Josh Alfred now known as Josh2funny is not only a comedian and entertainer. He is versed in computer engineering, Photography and music production. His versatility as a comedian has won him a lot of awards one of which was “Best comedian” as awarded by the Project Raw Talent Show”. Thanks to the help of his mentor veteran comedian koffi tha’guru, Josh2funny has been able to produce and release a few musical tracks.

Josh made it as one of the top skitters and comedians on Instagram in Jan 2016 with his female character known as MAMA FELICIA, he has been able to carve a niche for himself by remixing known songs in funny ways, his creativity has earned him lots of endorsements and he is currently signed with one of the fastest growing platforms known to man named SLAPSTICKR. His story continues because he has merely just begun.